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Exampl below you will find an assortment of exampl Please note these examples use the WP_Queryobject rather than the get_posts function, however the arguments and logic remain the same 1 Single custom field value In this example, we will find all posts that have a post_type of ‘event’ where the custom field ‘location’ is equal to ‘Melbourne’.

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Adds a custom field (also called meta-data) to a specified post which could be of any post type A custom field is effectively a key-value pair A custom field is effectively a key-value pair Note that if the given key already exists among custom fields of the specified post, another custom field with the same key is added unless the.

Ultimate Guide to WordPress Post and Page Filtering

Jul 13, 2017· Why WordPress Post and Page Filtering? WordPress is incredibly flexible The core allows you to have complete control over everything on your site Post and page filtering is one of the most powerful features of WordPress There are several built-in functions for posts.


Plugins might use the wp_title filter to generate a value While it is possible to construct a “title” by doing things such as concatenating with bloginfo (the Site Name), if you do not use the wp_title function in your theme, you will likely have errors or unexpected behavior Top ↑ Return Values # Return Values.

How to recover all your posts from a WordPress database

How to recover all your posts from a WordPress database , numeric author ID and many other data are inside wp_posts A complete description of the other three tables and how they work would be.

Excel-like editor in WordPress

Excel-like editor in WordPress , Numbers, provide familiar interfaces to most users, a handy feature for statistical and financial data, or for cases when you or your users need to type in a multiplicity of strings or numbers , You can also insert Excel-like table editor on your post or page.

WP insert post PHP function and Custom Fields

If you read the documentation for wp_insert_post, it returns the post ID of the post you just created If you combine that with the following function __update_post_meta (a custom function I acquired from this site and adapted a bit) /** * Updates post meta for a post It also automatically deletes or adds the value to field_name if specified * * @access protected * @param integer The post ID.

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When run a query with WP_Query method, I got an object I understand that I can then do the loop to display stuffs But, my goal is not to display anything, instead, I want to get some post data by doing something like "foreach," How can I get an array of post data that I can loop through and get data?.

Posts in Page WordPress Plugin

Posts in Page is an easy, powerful WordPress plugin that lets you pull posts or custom posts into WordPress pages using shortcodes without altering them Posts in Page is an easy, powerful WordPress plugin that lets you pull posts or custom posts into WordPress pages using shortcodes without altering them , [ic_add_posts post_type='post.

How to Add Custom Meta Boxes in WordPress Posts and Post

You can use this custom meta box to add meta data into your posts or post typ This data will be stored in your WordPress database when you save or publish the post Displaying Your Custom Meta Box Data in WordPress Theme So far we have successfully created a custom meta box and displayed it on our post edit screen.

10 WordPress Plugins for Importing and Exporting Data

Data portability is something that we don’t often think about until we need it This is especially so with WordPress Our posts, users, eCommerce orders, etc live happily in a database But when we want to access and take that information with us (and potentially import it into another site), it.

Copy and Paste from Word

WordPress has made adding rich content to your site even easier If you have a Word document that you want to use as your blog entry, you can now simply copy and paste the formatted content into the WordPress post editing area and WordPress will take care of the rest.


Retrieves post data given a post ID or post object.


In any case, if you “import” with wp_insert_post and then use wp_update_post, you’re going to lose all your featured images and any additional categories you added between import/update will be lost (The plugin “Featured Image From URL” solves the featured images problem, if it’s activated).

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Simple WordPress plugin to insert CSV file content into WordPress database Tips and Tricks HQ, josh401 2,000+ active installations Tested with 507 Updated 9 months ago Excel-Like Price Changer for WooCommerce and WP E-commerce - Light.

6 Ways to Display WordPress Post Content in Multiple

Most blogs display their post content in single columns, like what we do here at Digging Into WordPress But you know it’s also possible to display post content in multiple columnsMultiple-column layouts are perfect for newspaper and magazine-style them.

Programmatically Create a Post in WordPress

Jul 18, 2012· Programmatically Create a Post in WordPress This is the TL;DR version of all of the code covered in this article It’s meant for those that want to see everything tied together or those that skipped the rest of the article /** * A function used to programmatically create a post in WordPress.

WP REST API: Creating, Updating, and Deleting Data

Deleting data with the WP REST API is as simple as sending a DELETE request to a particular resource If we need to delete a post having an ID of 10, we send the following DELETE request: $ DELETE /wp/v2/posts/10 This will move the post to trash but won’t permanently delete it For permanently deleting a post, we use the force argument:.

Programmatically Creating WordPress Posts from CSV Data

This article covers how to create WordPress posts from CSV data by taking data from CSV files and turning it into WordPress posts for a custom post type.

How to Add Keywords and Meta Descriptions in WordPress

Keywords and Descriptions for WordPress Posts / Pag First you need to edit a post or page where you want to add keywords and meta description Scroll down a little to ‘Yoast SEO’ meta box below the post editor You will see your site’s title and automatically generated description as a snippet Below that you will see Meta Keywords field.

Posts Table with Search & Sort

Posts Table with Search & Sort is a WordPress table plugin which helps site owners organize WordPress posts into sortable and filterable tables, making it easy for your audience to find the content they need Visitors can easily filter content by date, category or author - making this WordPress table plugin highly adaptable to different use.

How to Easily Embed PDFs in WordPress

Mar 09, 2017· How to Easily Embed PDFs in WordPress Ben Sibley WordPress Tutorials March 9, 2017 , With the plugin installed, pressing the Insert into post button adds a shortcode to the post instead of a link In case you’re not familiar, plugins use shortcodes to output complex content into posts and pag In this case, we see a simple shortcode.

How to Insert Tables in WordPress Posts/Pages

Oct 23, 2019· How to Insert Tables in WordPress Posts/Pag Ben Sibley WordPress Tutorials October 23, 2019 , you won’t have access to that data in your admin dashboard anymore, so creating tables with it might be challenging Backup up your site! Okay, this is not a question, but a reminder to backup up your site! , As for adding the table into.


Insert or update a post Used By; Used By Description; wp-includes/user: wp_create_user_request() Create and log a user request to perform a specific action.