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Anyone Know why the KMG grinder site won't open

May 17, 2018· Anyone Know why the KMG grinder site won't open ??? I am still having problems with my clone platen and wanted to look at the site for a possible replacement However every time I try to go to the site it says it can not connect for some reason!.

2 x 72 Grinder for sale (New manufacturer) Wilmont

New Machine Build KMG clone belt grinder ( pics ) See more eBay , Knife Making Tools Belt Grinder Tools Mauritius Kniv , Belt Grinder Homemade belt grinder constructed from aluminum, steel, plywood, redwood, and hardware Powered by a 2 HP 3450 RPM motor Belt Grinder See more.

2x72 belt grinder for knife making

Apr 03, 2018· After doing a little research we found that the Cadillac belt grinder for knife making was the Beaumont KMG The only problem is that is also came with a price tag to match With all of the different attachments, the price was approaching $3,000 We found that many people have made their own KMG clone and decided to take on the challenge.

Materials List Minimum tools required

Materials List • Minimum tools required: 9 Drill press & Drill bits ("#7", "F", 5/ , grinder or belt sander to ensure their squareness • Make sure that all of your steel pieces are cut to the correct length This will make hole , Grinder KMG Clone Materials Listdoc Author:.

The KMG Industrial Belt Grinder

The KMG Industrial Belt Grinder $ 93500 - $ 2,92270 Choose Your Motor , Typically, the KMG Grinders ship in three separate box The Chassis is all steel unpainted and unplated, with precisely bolted joints and minimum welding The KMG was intentionally designed so that the motor was not an integral part of the machine which allows for.

KMG Clone blueprints (Image Heavy!)

Aug 13, 2019· Can anyone, who has built a KMG Clone with these plans, inform me of, if I can make the entire construction using aluminium plating, using the same thicknesses, or would I have to use thicker plate Stainless steel is double the price of aluminium here in South Africa thanks.

KMG-10 Grinder

Sold without a motor, this package includes: 1 10" contact wheel 1 Platen attachment for flat grinding 1 Work rest 1 Tool arm 1 KMG Chassis The drive shaft size is 3/4" diameter with a 3/16" keyway.

2x72 belt grinder project

Dec 24, 2013· I also suggest you look at getting my DVD on my web-site Much simpler to build than a KMG clone Depending on your scrap pile you can build this grinder for little over $1,00000 , The steel lets me know pronto when it starts to get hot and I just dip the knife into the water bucket and right back to the grinder , 2x72 belt grinder project.

building a heavy duty belt grinder

Aug 15, 2012· hey guys, I've wanted a belt grinder for the longest time once you've used a belt grinder you will never want to go back to grinding on stones again, that's for sure :) plus they can do so much more I've pretty much decided that the most popular, common and versatile size for something like this is the 2" x 72" belt grinder this is a very popular configuration and there are many different.


1" SMALL WHEEL for Knife Grinder Solid Steel, Knife Making,For KMG & Knifedogs $ 2599 , Flat Platen With 2 PIECES Pyroceram Glass For KMG Knife Belt Grinder, With Shelf Sold Out $ 7499 , This listing includes 2 of my best selling products in one cost saving bundle - Small wheel holder attachment - 5 piece 1045 Mild.


Jun 29, 2019· Homemade KMG Clone Belt Grinder I cut the tube like in picturethen streched it like hell As we are not so kind or forgiving! Hello from South Africa I am planning this build however I live at my kmv cottage which is m from the sea, so rust is a huge issue for me.

Industrial Belt Grinders & Machinery

Beaumont Metal Works, Inc We are the leading manufacturer of industrial belt grinders and machinery We have produced the KMG belt grinder for over 13 years using state of the art CNC machines, fulfilling the needs of custom knife makers, blacksmiths, fabricators, artists and a wide market of industries requiring grinding and finishing machinery.

KMG Clone from Czech Republic

Oct 13, 2012· KMG Clone from Czech Republic , Tour of my KMG stainless steel Knife Grinder clone - Duration: 9:59 , KMG Belt Grinder from Beaumont Metal Works.

2x72 belt grinder project

Dec 24, 2013· I also suggest you look at getting my DVD on my web-site Much simpler to build than a KMG clone Depending on your scrap pile you can build this grinder for little over $1,00000 , The steel lets me know pronto when it starts to get hot and I just dip the knife into the water bucket and right back to the grinder , 2x72 belt grinder project.

2x72 Belt Grinder Build

Mar 04, 2013· 2x72 Belt Grinder Build; Page 1 of 2 1 2 Last Jump to page: , problem is the wheels, you will spend big $$$ on them I have over $500 in them alone, all purchased the from Rob at KMG Industrial Belt Grinders, , I can't believe that belt can take that much steel off that fast How long does a belt last? The table and receivers that you have.

Grinder wheels?

Jan 06, 2019· While the KMG grinder is a good base to start from, the ONLY KMG I'd copy exact is the new KMG-TX I think it's called The diameter of the drive wheel is based on what you wish the max belt speed to be - this is to be a direct drive variable speed grinder? I've used 3 to 4⁰ or so for the tracking wheel with the drive wheel flat.

KMG Clone blueprints (Image Heavy!)

Aug 2, 2019- KMG Clone blueprints (Image Heavy!) - The Knife Network Forums : Knife Making Discussions.

Help me

Dec 09, 2009· With my kmg clone 2x72 I have now cost me about 1400 with a flat platten ,1,2 ,and 3 inch wheels and a 10 inch for hollow grinding I spent about 400 dollars on belts in a wide assortment and still have and use every one kinda weird I havent wore out one belt completely.

Kmg clone plans

Apr 04, 2014· I have scoured google for the specs on a kmg 2x72, but can't seem to find much info at all I plan to build a clone of the kmg and need to know the specs If someone could post a link or share some info it would be greatly appreciated! Thanks, Gary.

KMG SS Clone (Knife Grinder)

Sep 02, 2009· This is my KMG clone that i am building at my work it is made for 100 percent stainless steel, even the ball bearings and motor This is a test run of it running at 9000 SFPM off a VFD.

2x72 Belt Grinder Build

Nov 04, 2015· Hello, long time reader of the forum First time posting here I am about to start a 2x72 belt grinder build It is KMG clone based on the "knife-grinderpdf" plans by Michael Clerc My goal is building a high quality, but cost effective grinder Under $1k for all parts and materials.

Pictorial Guide to DIY 2x72 Belt Grinders

Big Belt Grinder Links Page Best of Links: Mike Alexander’s Belt Grinder: Easy to construct 3-wheeler Emerald Isle’s KMG Copy, Great looking kit by Simplatic Looks like a good plasma cutting job, Fogg’s PDF Plans for a KMG Clone, Talented Frenchman builds a nice knife grinder Plans are in English The Dream KMG Attachment: Check.

KMG "MOAG" The Mother Of All Grinders

The KMG "MOAG" We've taken our flagship KMG 10 Variable Speed 3 hp grinder and added every attachment that we make to create The Mother of All Grinders! A 3hp Variable Speed Grinder, with a 6" Drive wheel to give 50% more speed Contact Wheels from 8" to 14" Sma.

Best Belt Grinder For Knife Making: 6 Top-Rated in 2019!

Belt dimensions for knife-making and steel fabrication: 2″ x 82″ , All you need is a modern knife-making machine like Craftsman 2×42 belt sander or KMG-1 grinder We have found six of latest models, which received more than 90% positive experts and customers reviews They can easily fit in your garage and they do not require any special.